The Revolution

There have been a plethora of interesting new business models that have been introduced over the past few years, but a new start-up called Solavei has what may be the most interesting and radical approaches that I have seen thus far. And I have to admit, I’m really excited about it!

Solavei offers cellular service to customers by buying wholesale access to one of the established wireless carriers.

But Solavei’s business model is similar to that of Amway or Tupperware.

Solavei’s approach layers aspects of direct sales and affiliate marketing on top of a traditional cellular business.

The company’s product is a simple one. Customers pay $49 per month for unlimited talk, text and data on T-Mobile’s nationwide network. Customers can either bring their own unlocked cellphone or buy a phone directly from Solavei.

Here’s where things get interesting. Solavei relies on its customers to sign up other customers. For every three customers they bring in, they get paid $20. They also stand to benefit when the people they sign up sign up others, and they can even make some from sales beyond that. Solavei also promises other one-time bonuses for signing up new customers within one’s first 60 days as a member.

I could go on and on about the exciting things that this company offers, but I will just leave it at this for now. If you want to learn more send me and email or comment on this post ( I can send you a link to my “Lane” which has more information.

Have a great day y’all!

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