Aha Moments


Have you ever had one of those ‘aha moments’ where the Lord so clearly speaks to your heart? Well recently I was blessed by one of those moments. I recently {very recently} began running again. I have finally gotten used to the 80% humidity and 90+ degree weather. The other day was gorgeous so I decided it was the perfect day for a run through the park. Caleb was off playing sports with the boys so I got to have some personal time alone with Jesus.

Thailand truly is one of the most majestic countries I have ever witnessed. The rolling mountains, lush greenery, and abundance of animals create the perfect setting for a run {until your run gets interrupted by a herd of wild cows like mine did today… at least I didn’t run into wild warthogs again}. The Lord truly was smiling down on my quiet time with Him. In the midst of my run I heard what sounded like an intense gust of wind blowing through the palm trees in the distance. When I turned around to look I realized the “wind” was actually a crazy rain storm in the distance. In the States I had seen the “walls” of rain coming and going- but this “wall” of rain was unlike any I had ever seen. It was so defined, so beautiful. And the mountains sat just behind this wall of rain. A few sunbeams even snuck through the clouds and danced on the mountain. It was breathtaking. 

I stood their in awe and wondered out loud how anyone could see a view like this and not believe in an Almighty God. Almost instantly the Lord humbled me. Abba whispered to my heart, ‘how can you know Me, an Almighty God, and not be completely transformed by Me in every way shape and form?’ Slap.in.the.face.

If I am being completely honest, I have not been allowing the Spirit to lead my every step. There have been multiple instances this past week where I have allowed my sinful, negative nature to take over- and it is not pretty. I needed this sweet whisper- this humbling reminder. It is not enough to simply know God. I need to be pursuing Him, walking according to His Spirit, and listening to His every whisper. It is not enough to simply recognize Him and know that He is Lord. As a Christian, I am called to be born again into a new image- His Image. My every action should bring praise to His name. My every thought should be holy, just, and good. My every word should be a song of praise to His ears.

“And whatever you do,
whether in word or deed,
do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Colossians 3:17

Praise the Lord for moments of clarity and beautiful whispers of truth! Because what is the purpose of life if we are not living it for His glory? I want to make the most of every opportunity. Life is a fleeting gift- let’s make the most of it :)

Have you had any ‘aha moments’ recently?
What has the Lord been teaching you?


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