Celebrating the Islamic Ramadan


After a month of Ramadan, the holiday is about to come to a close. When we moved to Thailand I knew that we would be surrounded by Buddhists and that we would have a few Muslims. What I did not know is just how many Muslims would be in our city. It really is a beautiful culture- at least here in Nakhon it is. The women are extremely modest and from my experience, very kind. I have found nothing but love and affection from each of them. Some of our students are Muslim and they truly are little balls of joy- even though they are currently fasting for Ramadan. And the families are so close and do everything together. Who would have thought that I would come to enjoy the sound of their chanting multiple times a day? {Each time I hear it I am reminded of why I am here & my calling in this city.}

One of our streets has been closed most of the month due to the holiday so a plethora of Islamic carts could sell their foods, clothes, and other goodies all in the same place. {Pork is a HUGE thing here in Thailand, so I love Islamic food carts because I know I won’t get any pork in my meal- hip hip hooray!}

Over the past 3 months I’ve learned just how much I enjoy soaking up other cultures. {still can’t believe we have been here for 3 months! It still feels so new & yet so comfortable at the same time.} It is so humbling being the minority and being forced to embrace a new lifestyle. The world is so vast and we play such a small role in it. Living here has been such a beautiful reminder that the world doesn’t need me. The world needs more Jesus.

Have you ever experienced another culture that you absolutely loved? Or that you learned from?



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