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So much can change in three months. I have changed so much in the past three months.

I truly believe the Lord uses each season of life to teach us a necessary lesson. This season, it’s all about grace.

We each have our own story and our own past. Some people have a testimony of confidently walking with the Lord; others have a story of stumbling frequently along their walk. I fall into the later of the two.

It was not until my sophomore year in college that I turned from my old self and was truly reborn. As I turned from my old life and began my new walk, I never really struggled with accepting God’s grace. I completely understood Yahweh was bigger than any mistake I ever made

The lesson God is teaching me about grace is not about accepting grace, but rather, it is about giving grace. Accepting grace can be easy, giving grace is hard.

I was recently gifted Lara Casey’s Powersheetsthank you to whomever sent them to me! In these sheets, Lara points out that “it is easy to look back on a year {or relationship} and just see the yucky parts, like when something happens to you at the end of the day and you automatically call it a ‘bad day,’ regardless of what happened the other 23 hours.”

The Lord is teaching me to forgive, to let go, to let His grace cover the yucky parts. How can I expect others to forgive my ugly, when I am unable to forgive theirs? It’s a struggle I deal with daily, but slowly Abba is transforming my heart.

I’m learning I need to celebrate the good in others, rather than allow my hurt to focus on the pain they have caused.

This lesson is a journey that does not have an end destination. It is something I will continue learning daily.  It is a beautiful, challenging lesson that needs to be learned.

Is giving or receiving grace something you struggle with?

What has the Lord been teaching you recently?


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    August 27, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    Great photo!! Where is this from? Can you send me the file so I can print it for our home?

    The lord is teaching me about timing in this season of life- and grace is ongoing!

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