Happy Fathers Day

There are so many things in life that I am thankful for. One of the biggest blessings the Lord has given me is my father.

My dad has seen me through my best and my worst and yet he loves me the same. When I was in elementary school he went with me to father daughter dances- even though I complained about wearing a “formal” dress. Then during the time I thought I was destined to be a movie star (ha) he signed up to act with me in the local theater… Short funny story- my dad brother and I were all cast in the play “The Grinch” and spent months preparing. Then on opening night my brother and I came down with the flu and the only one who got to perform was my dad :) What a trooper. As the years continued he attended my cheerleading competitions, moved me to Florida for school, then moved me to Oklahoma and now is helping me plan my wedding (this list could go on forever- so lets just leave it at this for now)!

Not only has my dad played the role of my father and been like a best friend to me, he has been a spiritual leader through everything. I could not have asked for a more godly father and leader of the house.  I cherish all the memories we have made thus far and can’t wait for all the memories to come! Have a blessed fathers day!

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