Penang, Malaysia Review



Oh Penang, Malaysia. You truly are a beautiful city.
I am overwhelmingly thankful Caleb & I spent almost a week in Georgetown, Penang
before heading up to our new home in Thailand.
Because we spent so much time planning for our move,
I kind of neglected planning anything in Malaysia.
But even without any real planning, the trip was incredible.
We walked aimlessly for hours
soaking up the sights, smells, & cultures of the city.10157333_10152073538296821_5453730697841054720_n

We stayed at the Apollo Hotel.
I chose the hotel based on the cost, location, and the rooftop.
The room itself was small and simple,
but it was very clean & had everything we needed.
And oh my goodness that rooftop!!!
We never saw another individual on the rooftop.
It was like our own private oasis.
Did I mention it was only $33 a night and included breakfast, clean water, and snacks?
{yes, Malaysia is really just that cheap}
The staff was also incredible.
Literally would go back for the staff alone.
One of the staff, Shan, called the taxi company in an attempt to find
Caleb’s long lost iPhone that is touring around Penang.
He also set up our car from Penang to Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Talk about customer service!

1606842_10152073529861821_8920830789260381893_n10170803_10152065102701821_7588722737528450754_n 10153994_10152065076431821_2553826185384692001_n10299515_10152073544476821_4118289812248443212_n10341596_10152073534166821_3263963786177140034_n 10168162_10152073542931821_6765998868328149645_n10270634_10152073551746821_351073682360318717_n

Obviously we enjoyed the hotel.
Right outside of our hotel is where all of the best street food vendors were as well.
If you are a fan of Indian, Chinese, or Malaysian food
then you are in luck.
Every time Caleb & I left the hotel
there were at least 20 street vendors within one block of our front door.
And no, these street vendors were not specifically for tourists.
Locals truly eat this food regularly.
And the people watching was incredible!
10245371_10152073530156821_2127350073683755494_n 10259882_10152073547636821_801363247511330180_n

10171693_10152073530066821_4133304655752256958_nOur favorite part about Penang was the walking.
We walked anywhere from 12-20 miles a day- literally.
{Thank you Jesus for a healthy body & legs that work!!}
We saw a plethora of temples, beautiful oceans & mountains, an old battle fort,
and so so much more.
We kept hearing how unsafe the city was, but everyone was incredible.
We became friends with a monk and with many locals.
If you are ever in Malaysia then you must visit Georgetown, Penang.
It is lovely!10258040_10152066915091821_15371324051713665_n10154360_10152066925696821_7741747241966796619_n10330466_10152066903741821_4071630455764840833_n10250282_10152066913106821_2189802855358801834_n10176124_10152066910181821_8503162114590938913_n10269369_10152073539911821_23531114539154922_n 10291088_10152073540546821_8205579328514006962_n 10325291_10152073539331821_5280457723261236014_n

10153006_10152065081456821_5495028971179118960_n 10167971_10152065079281821_6252859973351009114_n 10308203_10152065087836821_4093266557017293479_n 10313043_10152065086931821_5219551724251490663_n 10314654_10152065103846821_4499147767083968801_n






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  • Reply
    Christin Eastman
    May 15, 2014 at 8:40 am

    I spent four months in SE Asia and one of those months was in Georgetown! Love it there! It was so sweet remembering all the sites that you shared on your blog! And my sister is heading to Thailand in five days…definitely feel like I got a hug from God by running across your blog today! xo Christin

    • Reply
      May 21, 2014 at 11:29 pm

      How fun! Truly is an incredible city! It seems as though you could spend months there and still have so much to explore! Tell your sister to take lots of pictures!! xox

  • Reply
    Whitney @ Journey Mercies
    May 16, 2014 at 1:42 am

    LOVE all these photos! penang is on our list to visit, but i’m not sure when we’ll make it. we’ve been to kuala lumpur and absolutely loved malaysian food and culture.

    • Reply
      May 21, 2014 at 11:27 pm

      Oh goodness you will love it. Very interesting city! We found the people to be so friendly!

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