Scary Adventures Big Rewards

IMG_4428The other day I confessed that I am different by the sea. And sadly, it is true. I am so much more aware of our Heavenly Father’s presence when there is salt in the air and sand between my toes. Because of this I was not surprised that the Lord spoke so much truth into my heart during our week in Railay.

Railay is known of rock climbing. While I am not really into climbing cliffs, I do love hiking and being adventurous. And our resort was in the perfect location to be adventurous. While sipping our coffee one morning, we noticed two ladders mounted to the cliff. We assumed you had to pay to be clipped in to climb these ladders because of the sheer height of them. From the ground you couldn’t even see where they lead. So naturally, one of the men in our group asked the nearest local. Surprisingly enough, the local told us anyone who was willing to try the climb could go on up. {welcome to Thailand- where anything goes}

Many of you may not know it, but I am terrified of heights. When I thought we would be clipped in and safe I loved the idea of climbing up the ladders to see the view… but without a safety harness?? Luckily, it started to drizzle on us so our potential climb was postponed. After 24 hours I gained the courage to make the climb. And goodness am I glad I did. The view was spectacular. There was a platform tucked into a little cave in the cliff and a rope was attached to the wall so we had something to hold onto.

As I sat on the platform the Lord reminded me that sometimes the scariest adventures give the greatest rewards.

Was I scared to climb up? Absolutely. But was the view worth it? ABSOLUTELY. We had a true birds eye view of the entire beach, the cliffs, and the wildlife. {Literally, a 5 foot lizard that I swear was a leftover dinosaur joined us in the cave… Caleb & I both had a minor freak out moment when he came near us.}

Sadly my camera died while up top. Guess that means we need to go back and take more pictures ;) Hopefully next time will be filled with a bit more sunshine and blue skies!


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    Julie Hixon
    July 23, 2014 at 9:50 am

    You were brave to climb that ladder! I would have been afraid to not be strapped to anything, at least it looks like the ladder was secured somehow. However, when you face your fears I think it makes the end result that much more rewarding!

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