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Remember how a couple of days ago we were talking about doing something new by the end of the month? Well guess what? I already did it! I have wanted to try Zumba for quite a while and finally had the chance to try it on Saturday. Yes I jumped on the bandwagon of clichés and decided to get fit this year.  In an attempt to do so I am doing my best to limit my carbs to one meal a day, allowing myself one sweet a week and attempting to find a regular workout routine. I know it has only been a couple of weeks but I am already feeling great! A group of girls here at the Institute have begun working out together by using the Nike Training app (it is free and SOO worth checking out. I guarantee you will love it) and by doing Zumba (so excited that one of the girls here was a Zumba teacher!). I love the accountability of working out with others. Actually, I love having accountability in every area of life- but that is a rabbit trail for another day.

Cheers to a healthy and exciting year!

January-Calendar-Tone-It-Up copy

I have been {somewhat} following this calendar & have begun following Tone It Up again!

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