What I Love About Sunday

Happy Sunday! Today marks the start of a new week and the end of the weekend. This week it also marks the last full day that I will be away from my Texas home until the wedding (fingers crossed no more traveling, I’m ready to be home). So today I am embracing California, God’s sunshine and the opportunities that will present themselves this week. Let’s make this week a week to remember!

What does your ideal Sunday look like? Depending on the time of year, my perfect Sunday would consist of church with Caleb and some combination of  brunch, being surrounded by loved ones, a really long quiet time out by the lake, some time out on the water (ocean or lake), a walk/bike ride with my honey, planning and organizing my agenda for the week, a good book or spending a long lazy day cuddled up outside with my man. What a glorious day to praise and truly focus on Him! Thank you Jesus

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