ลาอเมริกา {aka Goodbye America}

In a couple hours we begin our 2 day trip to Asia!
The next 48 hours we will be in Dallas, San Francisco, Singapore, and Malaysia.
We cannot wait to keep you all updated!

There is a good chance I will be a little MIA on the blog the next few days.
If you want to follow along & see where we are over the next few days
follow us on instagram!
We look forward to keeping you updated!


{Thai for ‘goodbye America’}



Last Full Day in USA

last day

{Ashley Monogue Photography}

Wow. Today is our last full day in America.
A couple of nights ago my parents blessed us
by having over 60+ friends & family.
We got to spend the evening laughing, reminiscing, & praying together.
It was perfect.

Spending time with the people
who watched me grow up brought back so many memories.
Looking back over the past 4 years I am blown away by God’s goodness.
He took me, a broken, selfish, lost sinner
& chose to make me new.
I am no longer the old Chloé who openly lived in sin.
I am new.
I am forgiven.
I am free.

I now choose to walk with Jesus.
I look at verses like 1 Corinthians 11:1
& pray that one day I can confidently proclaim it.
“And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.”
In my case this verse would read
‘stumble with me as I stumble after Christ.’

I am still a broken sinner.
Saved by grace.
But I am thankful that we serve a mighty God
who sees the bigger picture.
I pray that what I do today
brings me closer to where who I want to be tomorrow.

I will probably be a little MIA while we move the next few days.
We leave Dallas tomorrow for our 2 day trip to Malaysia.
We will then spend 5 days in Penang, Malaysia
before heading up to our new home in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.

If you happen to think of us, please say a prayer!
Excited to keep you all updated!!
So thankful for each and every one of you!


Goodbyes & Lessons


IMG_7534IMG_5436 IMG_5486 IMG_5491 IMG_5411

Goodness life has been CRAZY!!
From packing up our lives in Texas,
to visiting family in Georgia, Alabama, and New York,
to completing our second to last grad school class,
to fitting all of our things into 2 suitcases each…
Life is a bit overwhelming.
{But I promise I will begin posting regularly again soon!}

IMG_5613 IMG_5624 IMG_5669 IMG_6204 IMG_6682

Over the past few weeks the Lord has really put Romans 8:28 on my heart.

 ”And we know that in all things
God works for the good of those who love Him,
who have been called according to His purpose.”
Romans 8:28

Over the past few weeks we have experienced some events that sting.
It hurts to say goodbye.
Goodbyes can be scary.
We have said goodbye to financial security
and the comforts of life in Texas.

All in all,
our “painful” events have been easy.
We are incredibly thankful
and I am beyond blessed that these are our current trials.
We know they could be far, far worse.

But regardless of our struggles,
we know that all things work together for His glory.
We are bound to experience painful events.
But when we look back at the story of our lives,
we can usually see the Lord’s hand in each event.
We can see Him preparing us,
molding us into who He wants us to be.
These events work together for the good of His glory.

As we enter this next chapter {we move in THREE days!!!},
I pray that He continues to remind me of this verse.
As we experience trials I pray that His hand remains evident.
As hardship occurs I pray we look for His lessons & His purpose.
We are guaranteed difficult times.
But we are also guaranteed grace, hope, & a future in heaven with Him.

IMG_7009 IMG_7072 IMG_7512 IMG_7540 IMG_7684 IMG_7746 IMG_7853 IMG_7718 IMG_8152


On Purpose


Our world is full of some pretty incredible people.
Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity
to spend time in Georgia, NYC, & Arkansas.
While in these places I had the opportunity
to meet some incredible people from all around the world.
I met people who have created billion dollar companies,
flourishing nonprofits, beautiful families, & so much more.

IMG_6333During my travels someone asked a question.
It was a question I had been asked a plethora of times before,
but this time it has really resonated with me.

If you had all the finances you could ever need, what would you do?

What would I do?
My first thought was ‘I would start a nonprofit or a company that gave back.’
So why am I not doing it?
I don’t have the financial freedom  yet,
but I have a passion, a desire, a yearning.


My parents always told me I could do anything I set my mind to.
And you know what, I completely believe it.
Yes, life can be hard.
Yes, some people are naturally blessed with resources or genes
that may help them achieve their goals.
But I still believe that with prayer, passion, & the Lord’s help
we can do anything we want.


We were each created with our own gifts & strengths.
Use your strength. 
Use your strengths for purpose.
Use your strengths for God’s purpose.

I met someone this week who said,
“If you want to change your life, change your conversations.”

I want to change my life,
I want to change the lives of others.
What do you want to do?
What would you do if you had the financial freedom to do it?




Southern Sunshine & Waterfalls

It is spring in Georgia & goodness- It. Is. Gorgeous!!
Caleb & I are thoroughly enjoying exploring his home town together.
While I have been here many times before,
this is the first time I have been here with consistently gorgeous weather.
The Lord is smiling down on us as we celebrate time with family
before we move (20 days from today!!)

“You are the Lord, you alone.
You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens,
with all their host, the earth and all that is on it,
the seas and all that is in them;
and you preserve all of them;
and the host of heaven worships you.”
Nehemiah 9:6

IMG_4405 IMG_4869 IMG_4878IMG_4897 IMG_4885IMG_4899IMG_4963IMG_4917IMG_4914IMG_4924 IMG_5059IMG_4905 IMG_5116IMG_4958 IMG_5089IMG_5119IMG_4915IMG_5189IMG_5207 IMG_5261Signature



Southern Sweetness


The past week has been wonderful. If you know me, then you probably know that I am a big-city/beach kind of girl. I don’t really have  a southern bone in me. But this past week Caleb and I have spent enjoying his southern roots in Georgia. And goodness it is beautiful!! The trees are budding, the flowers are in bloom, and the sun is shining! It’s lovely. The Lord truly has blessed us with wonderful weather, great memories, and fun adventures while here. I could not have asked for better week. Excited for a few more days of memories before jet setting up to NYC to visit my parents!

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Over the past few weeks the Lord has been whispering one little word to me.
But this week, I feel as though He has been shouting it all around me.

He continues to ask me,
“Where is your urgency?”
“What are you waiting for?”

Life truly is such a beautiful gift.
Each sunrise, bird chirp, a spring rain brings my heart such joy.
But this gift is fleeting.
We weren’t promised tomorrow.
So what are we waiting for?
The Lord has given me dreams, goals, desires.
But above all,
He has given me the Great Commission.
I know that I have friends who are not believers
or who are not walking with the Lord.
Where is my sense of urgency in sharing Jesus with them?

urgent 2

Tomorrow marks our 3 week count down.
You want to talk about urgent?
We don’t know when we will move back
or where we will be in the next 2, 5, or 10 years.
But I do know that I have 3 weeks left
with the people around me now.

When we move I want to continue hearing God’s whisper of urgency.
Each day each moment is a gift.
I want to live with a sense of urgency.


Time for Life



The past few weeks have been crazy.
But mostly in a good way.
We have felt rushed & time just wouldn’t slow down enough.
But I am happy to say that today we are off to Georgia
& life is going to slow down.
We will get to soak up time with family
& simply cherish quality time.

The next few weeks we are going to intentionally slow down.
We want to make time for what matters most.
We want to make time to make memories.
We want to make time for life.


One Month Countdown

Today marks one month before we move to Asia.
This week is also my last week of work here in Texas.
Thursday night Caleb & I will pack up our Uhaul
& early Friday we will begin our drive to Georgia.

The next month is going to be full- in every way possible.
Full of things to do/complete
full of traveling
full of family
full of friends
full of love
full of grad school
full of change

Friday we leave for Georgia to spend time with Caleb’s family.
Then I will fly up to NYC to spend some time with my parents.
We get back for a weekend class for our masters in Arkansas.
My grandparents fly in from SoCal & Florida for Easter.
We will then have a sending & celebrating party.
Then off to Asia we go.
{Oh, and while we are living in Asia
my parents are selling the home I spent most of my life in…
The home Caleb & I have called home for the past year… weird}

To say my heart & my head
are in a whirlwind would be an understatement.
But in the midst of all this craziness,
the Lord has blessed me with His perfect peace.
We have no doubt in our mind that the Lord
opened up the door to Asia.

Part of me is sad to see this chapter of our lives come to a close.
God has been so faithful & too good to us.
I will cherish these memories forever.
But I cannot wait to see what He has in store next.

Earlier this year I shared with you that my word for 2014 is give.
We started the year by giving tangible belongings & more of our time.
I cannot wait to see how we can give in this next chapter.
Abba has been preparing our hearts to give more. We are prepared to give our lives, our home, our time, and our hearts.

When I look back at my life,
I want it to be filled with memories that bring glory to God.
I yearn for my life to be filled with work for His Kingdom.
Because in all reality, what is life if we aren’t living for Him?
What is life if we aren’t walking in His Will?
What is life if we aren’t loving, serving, and doing?

Bob Goff says love does things.
I pray that my every action be driven by my love for our Heavenly Father.