Lotus Flowers, Lilly Pads, and Hammocks


As you may have read, our third day in Cambodia was likely my favorite day. After we explored the Cambodian countryside and the city on stilts, Mr Han took us to a little palapa and we spent a some time swinging in hammocks overlooking a lotus pond. It was so gorgeous, we ended up coming back the next day to reflect on our time in Siem Reap and just enjoy being around locals.

We were the only tourists amongst the locals and it was so nice to watch families interact, relax and enjoy the beautiful day. When you come to Cambodia- go to one of these palapas, order a couple drinks and some local food. You won’t regret it!
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City on Stilts


Our third day in Cambodia was probably my favorite. We hired a local tuk tuk driver for the day and explored the Cambodian countryside. We asked him to take us to his favorite places and where he thought we should visit. It was so nice to go somewhere with no tourists. It was incredible to see how the locals lived and to see their pure joy.

The tuk tuk driver took us to a gorgeous temple and and showed us some of the most incredible views of the countryside. If you visit Siem Reap, I highly recommend hiring a local for the day and asking him to take you to all of his favorite places.


Our driver’s name was Mr. Han and we adored him. As we drove, he told us stories about his life and the history of Cambodia. He also encouraged us to intentionally look for anyone over the age of 50. It was heartbreaking when we realized just how few people from the older generation remained after the Civil War. We learned the average age in Cambodia is a mere 22 years old.

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^^ please notice the man driving his bike between the cows ^^img4324-8img4324-13 img4324-1400001659 00001655 00001660 00001679 00001657 img4324-27 img4324-24 img4324-20 img4324-28 img4324-13 img4324-12 img4324-11img4324-13 img4324-12

^^ the one water source in the village ^^img4324-11 img4324-10 00001653 00001665 img4324-19 00001649 img4324-10 img4324-900001667 img4324-5 img4324-14

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A Floating Village in Cambodia


If Cambodia is not on your bucket list yet, you must add it! Siem Reap quickly captivated my heart. We spent four days there and could have stayed for so much longer! On our second day there we hired a tuk tuk driver to take us to the floating village and hired a local to take us on his boat to see the village.

We learned over 200 families (about 6,000 people) call this little floating village home and make a living by fishing. While we were on the boat, a crazy storm blew through. I’m talking 30 minutes of some of the most insane rain I have ever seen {and I’ve been in three hurricanes}. Our local guide quickly tied us up to the nearest boat and we all hid in the shelter until the storm passed. We learned first hand how dangerous it can be living on the floating village.

Overall, if I am being completely honest I probably would skip this in the future. It felt a bit like a tourist trap- even though we hired a local and didn’t go through a traditional tour guide. Regardless of how I felt about the village, the colors were beautiful and it was incredible to see how different people live.

{also, i sadly deleted 99% of our my photos from this day… these are all i managed to recover}

00001516 00001518 00001519 00001520 00001521 00001524 00001525 00001526 00001527 00001528 00001529 00001530 00001544 img4324-2 floating village img4324-4 img4324-5 img4324-6 img4324-7

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The Best Parks in New York City


Anyone else loving this fall weather?! This past weekend we took advantage of the pretty weather and explored the beautiful parks of NYC. My personal favorites are Central Park, Riverside Park, Fort Tryon Park and Washington Square Park- all of which are worth visiting! I believe they are the best parks in New York City.

Traditionally, we think of spring as having the pretties flowers- but this year the fall is bringing some fierce competition. I love how vastly different these parks look in each season. Each season brings a new type of beauty.5d-edited-003beyond-blessed_-8If you follow my insta Story or Snapchat, you may have noticed my hair magically grew longer and thicker. No, it was not magic. I have been living in my new Irresistible Me clip in extensions. I received them a few weeks ago and wanted to give them a test drive and make sure I like them before sharing them with you all- and let me tell you, I LOVE them!

I wore cheap extensions quite often in high school- sometimes for length and sometimes for thickness. And while I did like them, my new Irresistible Me extensions are 100 times better. I personally wear the Silky Honey Blonde clip in extensions. They are easy to add in and take out each day. If you have ever wanted longer or thicker hair, you must give these a try! You should see how gorgeous they look when braided!
beyond-blessed_beyond-blessed_-185d-edited-002beyond-blessed_-115d-editedbeyond-blessed_-26 5d-edited-001beyond-blessed_-30 beyond-blessed_-34

In case you couldn’t tell by this post or this post, I’m a big fan of black and white tops this fall. And this top might be my favorite of all. Not only is it appropriate for work and the weekend, it is incredibly comfortable and the sleeves roll up for when you get a bit toasty. And best of all, it’s on sale for $15!

I personally bought a size larger than my normal and love the fit, but there are moments when I wish I had bought a small. The good news is- both sizes would be perfect. So you can choose to size up for a slightly oversized look or buy true to size and have a little more of a tailored look. It really is a win-win. Buy yours before it sells out!5d-edited-004beyond-blessed_-32beyond-blessed_-39 5d-edited-005The Best Parks in New York City

on me:
top Romwe c/o :: leggings Ann Taylor :: boots Steve Madden, similar
bag Hermès :: hair extensions Irresistible Me c/o
watch Jord Wood Watch c/o

on him:
sweater Oliver Perry, similar :: jeans Banana Republic :: shoes Cole Haan
watch Jord Wood Watch



Romwe Cardigan-Sweaters

Pumpkin Patch Adventures


Fall weekends should be spent at the farmers market, apple orchard or pumpkin patch. And this past weekend we did all three! On Sunday our friends spontaneously decided we should rent a car and head upstate. It turned out to be such an incredible day! We started the day at an apple orchard, the continued to the pumpkin patch and ended the day by drinking local ciders and apple treats. We even tried their freshly made apple cider donuts and let me tell you- I am not a donut person, but you would be CRAZY not to try these! They are incredible and still warm!!!

If you are in the New York City area, I highly recommend making the trip to Pennings Orchard. It is run by a family and is truly gorgeous! They have something for everyone- kids to adults. And they had just about every type of apple I could think of- it was fun to walk from row to row sampling the various types of apples. We already decided it will be an annual event!

beyond-blessed-162 beyond-blessed-165 beyond-blessed-168 beyond-blessed-160

^^ searching for the prettiest pumpkin ^^beyond-blessed-159

^^ laughing at our inability to strike a cute pose with the pumpkins ^^beyond-blessed-155 beyond-blessed-154 beyond-blessed-163beyond-blessed-135 beyond-blessed-169 beyond-blessed-170 beyond-blessed-172 beyond-blessed-174 beyond-blessed-173Pumpkin Patch

on me:
sweater Elizabeth & James old, similar here | boots Steve Madden old, similar here
leggings Ann Taylor {I seriously live in these- I have three pairs}
boots Steve Madden old, similar here  | hat Mayser, similar here
necklace old, similar here

on him:
shirt Yves Saint Laurent, similar here | jeans Banana Republic |  shoes Cole Haan
watch JORD Wood Watch


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Fall Farmers Markets in NYC


Fall really is magical. Anyone else agree? Something about the cooler weather, leaves changing colors and pumpkins just makes each day feel like a holiday. I love it! This past weekend in NYC we stayed in the 50’s & 60’s and it really was perfect! Our weekend was filled with long walks outside, brunch, farmers markets, apple orchards, pumpkin fields and just about everything you could hope for in fall. I’m wishing we could press rewind and live it all over again {do you ever have those weekends?}. Fall farmers markets in NYC really are the best!

Saturday morning Caleb made me a hot tea and himself a double shot espresso before we walked to our farmers market. Due to the gorgeous weather, we decided to casually stroll through the park and soak up the views. It was perfect! We ended up coming home with locally made cheese, bread, pumpkins and a few other goodies.

{My favorite farmers markets in the New york City are located in Union Square, by the American Museum of Natural History and in Inwood. They are each worth visiting!}

beyond-blessed-11 beyond-blessed-16 beyond-blessed-9 beyond-blessed-17beyond-blessed-44beyond-blessed-30 beyond-blessed-29beyond-blessed-35I am also somewhat embarrassed to admit how often I will be repeating this exact outfit. But let’s be honest, does it get more comfortable than long sleeved t-shirts, leggings, tennis shoes and a vest? Especially when headed to the farmers market!

beyond-blessed-40 beyond-blessed-33beyond-blessed-42 beyond-blessed-43beyond-blessed-53 beyond-blessed-57 beyond-blessed-48 beyond-blessed-60 Fall Farmers Markets in NYC

on me:
:: shirt Banana Republic old, similar here :: vest Patagonia :: scarf Old Navy old, similar here ::
:: leggings Ann Taylor :: shoes Nike Free 5.0 :: purse orYANY old, similar here ::
:: watch JORD Wood Watch ::

on him:
:: shirt Liverpool Jersey :: pants Nike :: jacket from work, similar here :: shoes Nike Free 5.0 ::

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Apple Picking in the Fall

Apple Picking in the Fall

Sometimes, the best days are the spontaneous days- the days where you change all premeditated plans and just say yes! Sunday was one of those days. As we were walking to church that morning, one of my dear friends called and asked if we wanted to rent a car, leave the city and drive to upstate New York to go apple picking. I mean, how can you turn down apple picking in the fall? And to make it even better, we were able to attend the annual Applefest Festival!

It was truly a magical day filled with apples, pumpkins, changing leaves, good food, great friend and ciders!

Stay tuned, the second half of our day will be posted soon!
beyond-blessed-80beyond-blessed-84beyond-blessed-76 beyond-blessed-91 beyond-blessed-88 beyond-blessed-130 beyond-blessed-136beyond-blessed-124beyond-blessed-141 beyond-blessed-145 beyond-blessed-150 beyond-blessed-151 beyond-blessed-147 beyond-blessed-153beyond-blessed-146

:: sweater Elizabeth & James old, similar here :: leggings Ann Taylor {I seriously live in these}::
:: boots Steve Madden old, similar here  :: hat Mayser, similar here  ::
:: necklace old, similar here ::

:: Caleb’s watch JORD Wood Watch ::



Picnic in Central Park


Visiting New York City in the fall should be on everyones bucket list. It is absolutely gorgeous! For some reason, every fall I can’t help but  imagine Kathleen Kelly from “You’ve Got Mail” prancing around with a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils {anyone else with me?}. Fall in NYC makes me giddy.

If you follow me on instagram, you likely know that I love picnics and take every chance I can to picnic in Central Park. And while I do love picnics in the summer, picnics in the fall are even better! And this past weekend really felt like fall so I put on one of my new favorite dresses, packed up a few of our favorite treats in my new Cool Gear tubs, grabbed my favorite Turkish Towel to sit on and made our way to the park!

This is my favorite place to picnic in Central Park. I love sitting under one of the large trees in the summer or sitting in the sun in the fall. There is something romantic about sipping wine while watching the row boats in the lake and seeing people from around the world soak up the beauty of the park.beyond-blessed-10

^^ I will definitely be a repeat offender in this dress. It is so comfortable and will be an easy go-to in this cooler weather. And it’s under $25! You need to go grab it before it sells out again! Don’t you think it would be the perfect dress for apple picking? shein-picnic-edited-003beyond-blessed

^^ can you tell I love Zabar’s? Their cheese and black & white cookies are the best! ^^

beyond-blessed-005shein-picnic-edited-001 beyond-blessed-003 If you are like me and love to picnic or tailgate, you seriously need these Cool Gear containers! The lids have freezer gel in them and keep your food chilled for hours. You just need to freeze the lids beforehand. I was a little skeptical at first if they would really work, but they kept our chocolate pretzels from melting in the sun and kept our food the perfect temperature! I love them! I plan on buying another set of their storage containers for our kitchen!

shein-picnic-edited-002beyond-blessed-7 Picnic in Central Parkshein-picnic-edited-005beyond-blessed-11

^^ you know how I love my FLYJOY bars ^^beyond-blessed-8 Picnic in Central Parkshein-picnic-edited-002Fall also brings some of the pretties sunsets, so as the day began to come to a close we packed up our things and headed to the pier to watch the sunset. It was a perfect day!
beyond-blessed-17 Picnic in Central Park

I also can’t wait to take this Turkish Towel to California and use it on the beach! When living in Thailand I learned how much easier and realistically, more convenient it is, to use a turkish towel instead of a traditional beach towel. They take up a fraction of the space and can be used as both a coverup and a towel. This towel get a TON of use and it is also under $25!

Dress SheIn  c/o ::    Sunglasses old Kate Spade, similar here   ::   Watch JORD Wood Watch c/o
Containers Cool Gear   c/o ::  Turkish Towel TurkishTowelStore c/o


.What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall?






SheIn -Your Online Fashion Print Dress

Preparing for Paris


It’s official! Not only have we almost finished preparing for Paris and planning our trip to France in December/January, but we also booked a photographer to chase us around one of our mornings in Paris! And I could not be more excited {and thankful that my hubby is willing/somewhat excited for the shoot}!! Photos are my love language. And let’s be honest, can you imagine a more perfect souvenir to bring home?

I’ve already begun dreaming of a few fun outfit ideas for the shoot. Any suggestions? Imagine the Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexandre III and a chic little Parisian cafe! I’m dreaming of everything from full tutu skirts & ball gowns to sleek/simple looks to let the beauty of Paris do the talking. I’m also trying to keep in mind that it will be quite chilly outside during our early morning/winter shoot. Oh yeah, and it has to fit into my suitcase without taking up the entire space…

Any thoughts or suggestions?

{photos via Pinterest}

{photos via Pinterest}

What would you wear?
What other things would you bring on your trip?


You Find What You Look For

You Find What You Look For

This past weekend I found myself walking alongside this fountain and couldn’t help but stop. {you may have seen it on my insta story} There was something serene about the sound of the trickling water and the way the cool breeze caused little ripples in the bottom pool. Amidst all the chaos of New York City, I found peace.

In life, I believe we find what we look for. If you look for the good, you will find it. If you look for the bad, you will find it. One of my favorite quotes is “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” by Charles R. Swindoll. Joy is our choice. This week, let’s look for the good! When we find beauty, let’s stop for a moment and relish in it! Remember, you find what you look for!