We Made it to Malaysia!

We made it to Malaysia!! Goodness, it was a long trip. We had a short layover in Hong Kong and San Francisco (short meaning under 5 hours) and a long layover in Singapore. Our layover in Singapore was long enough to get out and explore the city for a few hours. It was beautiful- even when we found ourselves in pouring rain!

We are now in Penang, Malaysia and it is stunning. We are definitely the minority but the culture is stunning. Penang’s beauty is breathtaking but their beliefs are heartbreaking. I don’t know if it is jet lag, being slightly overwhelmed, or simply the Lord breaking my heart for what breaks His, but I find myself literally tearing up as we stand before one of their many temples. So beautiful, but so lost.

We will be moving up to our city either tomorrow (April 30th) or the next day (May 1st). We just learned that May 1st is a Malaysian holiday. So our we may be heading up earlier than we initially planned. I will keep you all updated :) Our wall converter does not seem to work well on computer chargers so we may be a bit more MIA on here. I will try posting on instagram whenever we find internet! Thank you all for the prayers!

{I attempted loading some photos but our internet is too weak. I will try again soon!}


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    Kim Fernando
    April 29, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Chloe, I have to admit I think you guys are so brave to be moving to this new home half way across the world and starting such a new life. So glad you guys made it there safely and are enjoying it. I hope you find time for rest, reflection, and recovering from your long trip!

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