Live a Life of Adventure

Anyone else love a good adventure? It has almost been a year since Caleb and I have left the country. We moved home from Thailand one year ago next month. If I am being honest, I’m going a bit stir crazy and dreaming of gallivanting through Europe or going on a safari in Africa. {anyone else with me?} I’ve been thinking a lot about adventure recently and have come to the conclusion that adventure can also be a state of mind.

I believe we were each created to live brave, beautiful and meaningful lives. Lives full of inspiration, kindness, and love. Normally, when I think about adventure I think of travel. But the more I think about it, adventure is a state of our hearts- the willingness to be ready, to listen, to say yes when our time comes.  Living a life of adventure means preparing our hearts to live in expectancy- anticipating that God can and WILL use our lives for His glory.

I believe adventure can be lived wherever you are, regardless of your circumstance.  Living a life of adventure means praying big prayers {even when they feel impossible} and living in a way that makes the Bible come alive.

Adventure doesn’t require crossing the ocean or even hopping on a plane or in a car. We can all live a life of adventure if we simply realize that each day has the potential to matter. Each day we have the chance to be brave and to say yes.

What adventures have you been on lately or what adventures have you been dreaming of?






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    Carol Comey
    March 17, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    I do love reading about adventure nowadays, Chloe, because our family is going on safari this summer. Part of me is excited but most of me is scared of the unknown! But your words are encouraging to me to be brave and adventurous with my attitude so my heart will be ready by June! Love your heart…Carol

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