Sentence 10

  The first thing to know concerning the Prophetical Books is that the descriptions Major and Minor refer to length and not importance, but the reference to length is inconsistent; thus, the labels are unfortunate as they are prone to mislead.

The 17 Prophetical Books are often split into two groups: the Major Prophets and the Minor Prophets.

This distinction has nothing to do with the importance or significance of the content of each book—it simply has to do with length. Isaiah has sixty-six chapters, Jeremiah has fifty-two, and Ezekiel has forty-eight—all Major Prophets—while none of the Minor Prophets are longer than fourteen chapters. So, it is understandable why the distinction is often made. But, the distinction is a bit inconsistent. Daniel, a Major Prophet, has only twelve chapters. Lamentations, another Major Prophet, has only five chapters. But, Zechariah, a Minor Prophet, has fourteen chapters.

The point? Do not be surprised when the distinction is made between Major and Minor Prophets, but do not make the mistake of thinking the Major are more important than the Minor!

Day 19- Laughter. Does this even need an explanation? :)

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    November 19, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    What surprises me sometimes is that so many believe Christ was so solemn. I be He laughed a lot . . . but grieved over this world as well because they were so bonded to their sins.

    Laughter keeps us young, releases stress and helps us remain appreciative for all we have. People can take away happiness but never joy, because that comes from within.

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